Dated: July 16, 2020


Have we ever thought of the possibility of human brain recreation? It is achievable with the advancement in technology. Artificial intelligence is a digital computer and robot’s capacity to perforate functions which are commonly associated with humans. Artificial intelligence can help to prevent future devastation of our world and save the environment. It is a scientific area that aims to impersonate the features and senses of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is progressively driving significant improvements in technology and business, from self driven cars to medical diagnosis and many more sectors are getting under the realm of developments. Artificial Intelligence can boost weather forecasting, increase crop yield, increase disease diagnosis, anticipate an outbreak, increase industrial efficiency and many more to go. Technology innovations and falling computing capital costs have increased the deployment of artificial intelligence across different sectors. As a result private organizations, academic institutions and including the government bodies have thus begun to realize the surplus of benefits offered by AI and its ability to help resolve some of the most daunting problems across key sectors.

The take up of AI over different sectors has lead to the removal of repetitive tasks, improve efficiency and minimize blunders coupled with a goal of serving and supporting more individuals to perform better. In today’s technological era, Artificial Intelligence has already proved to be new useful instrument. It is more likely a tool in the hands of the people in order to increase the efficiency rather than being a destroyer or a savior.

The objective is to keep the concussion of Artificial Intelligence in support to the general public which will trigger the research in many fields like security, verification as well as law and economics. At present in most of the industries, ware houses, boilers and heaters, telecommunications networks, automobiles, aircrafts, etc artificial intelligence has already occupied its place, with some processes being fully automated. With regard to the mobile industry we comprehend that AI in the form Siri and Google Assistant has turned out to be an integral part of our lives as they helped us to get simple access to our application without doing it manually.

There isn’t a lot enough time left for individuals to begin living with a computer and depending their lives on machines. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and living with machines likewise has certain advantages and disadvantages too. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of AI.


  1. It is useful for tedious and voluminous works. Machine can perform tedious tasks all day long with 100% efficiency. On the other hand if same tasks are done by humans it would take lot of time and efforts and there are chances that human may do some error.
  2. Machines can perform tasks quicker in contrast with the humans.
  3. Machines are able to perform or assist the company's sales and customer service tasks.
  4. The tasks carried out by the machines provide precision in the processes
  5. It cuts down the cost of acquisition and increases productivity.


  1. There’s no human touch on the machines. Human only interfere when there is some sort of necessity such as repair work, security issue, complexity etc
  2. Machines can fail when and where it is necessary to think. It will perform only those algorithmic tasks.
  3. Machines may tend to fail if they are prompted with new situations.
  4. Machines cannot cope with randomness and complexity.
  5. Atleast for short term period it may lead to job losses.

Artificial Intelligence has evolved a lot in many different sectors and using AI tool has lead to reduce the major workload from the human shoulders. AI in different sectors is changing the way of work. The aim is not only to keep the cost of acquisition as low as possible but also ensure that if business develops by 100%, man power only expands by (10-15) %. AI is boon or bane for the society that totally depends on how it is being used by the individuals. It has far reaching effect on the humans and in many circumstances has evolved as a boon for the society and is more likely a tool in the hands of the people to increase the efficiency in different sectors.

AI has played a vital role in everyday life of the humans. Today most of the companies are using human technology in the advancement of machines that can perform human actions. Such tools create consistency in their rate of work and assure the management with good quality of work without compromising with the efficiency and effectiveness. In this manner AI technology promises error free world in every aspect of our lives. This is because machines can operate continuously without giving a pause, unlike humans who in order to speed up the process, sometimes end up in giving the wrong results. It is now obvious that because of their capacity to perform different roles, AI has brought increased production in the manufacturing industries. In particular, AI's role has enabled processing and manufacturing industries to complete their tasks in a timely manner and improve business development.

In today’s era, time is of great importance, and humans are willing to build technology that will gradually help them in saving time. Artificial Intelligence has been able to save time and maximize the quantum of work at every minute. It can perform many tasks effectively and at a higher speed when compared to humans at one go. In the same way machines can analyze the data and provide solutions to the problems at a much faster rate than humans. Through the introduction of AI in every sector, employees they no longer work on repetitive task rather they focus on more complex issues. Therefore, AI has brought a lot many positive changes in the society and enhanced our day to day lives.

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in every one or the other sector. AI tools have penetrated in every department and people are very positive about this intervention.

In the health sector AI has a very positive role to play. With the help of AI blood test results are analyzed in real time and the potential risk is flagged upon. As a result early treatment is performed after the problem has been diagnosed and this is only possible because of AI. Neurology, cancer, cardiology are some of the major medical fields that uses AI as an instrument to cure the illness. Whether AI will be able to replace the doctors is a tough question at this point of time. When a person visits a doctor, there is a psychological effect of having a doctor nearby. During the time of treatment when the doctor listens to the heartbeat, feels the pulse rate, it’s the human contact that guarantees everything is okay and there is no need to worry. In the researchers point of view AI will not be able to replace this thing at least in short term period. With the introduction of AI in medical fields, treatment methods have been enhanced and it will definitely assist the physicians to replace a human error.

Apart from health, automobile, education, consumer and retail sectors, AI has played an important role in financial sector also and the graph is still rising. Artificial intelligence has very beautifully entered this sector and playing a very positive role in it. Banks and insurance companies are relying heavily on AI to reach to any kind of data and for doing the analysis. In banks all the policies and loans are being handled by the bots. Many banks are using chat box services to address the queries of their customers and all these services are AI enabled and can perform day to day transactions. Earlier processing loan request usually took some time but with the intervention AI it is done in no time.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence has greatly enhanced the lives of the people in various ways, and humans are not the same as they were before artificial intelligence was introduced. As mentioned above implementation of AI has resulted in time saving, which also has resulted in increased business efficiency. Moreover introduction of AI has lead to the reduction in human effort and performed wonders in almost of their tasks. Through AI automation people and businesses will reap the benefits out of it and would enable the industries to move forward. 

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