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What happens if a married man marries a woman without telling her about his existing marriage? What legal options both of his wives have in this case?
What happens if a married man marries a woman without telling her about his existing marriage? What legal options both of his wives have in this case?
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How to file for contested divorce?
My husband cheated on me several times , registering on matrimony profile and contacting girls as if he is not married. When i found out his wrong doings he says he will divorce me.I am not willing to give consent. Can divorce be obtained without mutual consent.? How long will it take?
What are the factors to be considered before giving the custody and are the Hindu Laws different from Muslim Laws in case of child custody?
Wife's right on ancestral property which is now on in laws name
Hi .. Please provide infor if wife have rights on husbands ancestral property as they married with dowry intentions n when they failed now they want to gI've divorce. Please tell me what rights I have?do I have rights on ancestral property as what if it is now on d name of in laws coz they have well planned n kept nothing on my husbands name n have kept it on their name or my husbands sisters name.
What to do when Police refuses to register your FIR?
Police has refused to register my FIR. I have approached the higher authorities of police, but no action is taken. Plz advise.
My neighbour locks the door, which is the only way I can enter my house.
My house is located behind another house. There is only one way to enter my house and that is through a narrow alley. there is a get at the start of the alley. neighbor locks the door at 11 pm. What legal action should/can I take.